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Over 6 months and not a peep from me. Spent close to 7 nights per month for 4 months up at my gold claim and not the greatest of finds were had. Plan to work a different strategy and location I believe will definitely be more productive and if so will spend more time on the claim next year. I have been back to the N. Cady mountains a few more times this year and also to Arizona for shattuckite and fluorite with chrysocolla. Only went to my pegmatite claims twice. I plan to spend a few days in Quartzsite at the end of this year and will be selling again in space 204 at the Pow Wow for 5 days from 01/17/18 - 01/21/18. Off to the N Cady mountains for 4 nights leaving this Thursday to collect at different locations and some new ones. If in the the area I can give you the coordinates where we will be. Please request by 01/13/17 4:30 pm PST. Merry Christmas, so please request coprolite as it is better than coal.

I did what I said I was going to do.

In March went to Maricopa County AZ and found Seam fluorite and chrysocolla. Lead a trip to the Carmelita tourmaline mine and also worked my pegmatite claims a few times with others. Went back to the Cady mountains and found some great new material and some sweet green and purple fluorite. I did make it to Burro Creek and was invited for quarts scepters on that same trip in the Bradshaw mountains of AZ. Spent some time a few weeks ago in Utah for Picasso marble and was also told about some Septarian Nodule locations yet that was a bust and no Septarian Nodules were found. When 3 of us went back to the Henry mountains for coprolite that turned out to be a great collection location and I do plan on going back again. The next trip  will be to my gold claims with set dates for this month and July. I got gold fever. see ya down the road.

Time to find some great rocks then gold

Sense the last wright up I have been to my gold claim 2 more times with not a lot of success plus the the N. and S. Cady mountains a few times. Thanksgiving I was out with a number of people at the Wiley Wells rockhound area. Ran off to Quartzsite for a few days at the end of the year then back for a week during Pow Wow to sell mostly slabs. A few weeks ago I lead a trip to Indian Pass in Imperial county for Dumortierite or Desert Lapis, Yellowish and other jaspers, plus stray chunks of hematite, kyanite in quartz, petrified palm root, palm, bog with or without fossil snails. With unusual rain in So. Calif. I have been wanting to go back to the N Cady mountains but it has been raining almost every week. Looks like I will be able to go after the 21st. of Feb. I also plan to go back to Burro Creek before summer and also back to Utah. Looking forward on going back to my gold claims on one of the Yuba rivers. I did pick up a propane freezer/refrigerator for the claim as ice is a commodity in the summer months in the middle of no where and a long ways from civilization. Until next time

Gold prospecting time

The first trip to my gold claim in 2016 was towards the end of May into June and was fantastic as gold was found. A better walking trail was made before the next trip. A week later I was on my way to Colorado for a rockhounding trip. Due to the driving distance and 17 hour drive, I will not be going to Colorado any time soon yet great rocks were found. Two weeks later I was back on my gold claim for a week with equipment problems that will be fixed in a few days. A new flat trail was found from an old flume and road made years ago that I will drive my quad in next time. This was cleared with loppers and chain saw I brought. I hope to go back again in a few weeks as more gold needs to be found and a large rock needs to be cleared from the quad trail. I did leave everything like the main camp gear on the claim so no set up has to be done next time. This is one sweet spot on a river yet more trash has to be remove from the mess people left years ago. On this trip I could only bring so much back. Three others went with me and I hope to find a few other people to go in a few weeks. Time to go smell some gold so see ya

Spring is time for more rocks and gold

Quartzsite Pow Wow was a blast as usual with time spent before and after rockhounding. I did not want to sell at Stoddard Wells this year in March as I wanted to return to Burro Creek for purple rocks. Need to return to BC in the future as the old great purple agate/jasper location is not accessible and a new location needs to be found. Purple pastelite was found. I did sell at the Vista show in April with some rain at night. Just returned from 5 days collecting in the Tonopah NV area. One day was for old glass and four days collecting turquoise. I will be selling for one day at the San Diego Mineral and Gem BBQ on May 14th. Looking forward to getting up to my gold claim on the middle Yuba river in May. I was going to go this month but the river water is running high.
Until next time, go smell some dirt in the meantime.

More Rockhounding

This past weekend I set up a field trip to my pegmatite claims both the Donna and the Lost Peg as someone in the past destroyed a few of the claim posts and I needed to replace the posts. I believe a cassiterite crystal was found in an old tailing pile on peg matrix. Also 3 tabular quartz crystals were found. I did do two more show sales after the Vista Show both the Victor Valley club and El Cajon Gem and mineral club. All three shows were more productive than I anticipated. Looking forward to going to Quartzsite at the end of this month and selling at the Pow Wow from Jan 20-Jan 24 2016. Will be in 204 again this year. I expect to rockhound both before and after that show. Also sense the Vista show I have collected new material in both the South Cady and North Cady mountains on two different weeks. Never did make it to Utah this year for rocks. Take care and go smell some dirt.

Only a short time Highbanking

Arrived back home from my claim on the middle Yuba river and collecting turquoise at 4 different locations in NV. Came back three day early as I don't need no more rocks. Oh, how I lie to myself. I hope to get rid of a few rocks and slabs at the Vista show this Saturday and Sunday. If I had my choice now, I would be dredging on one of my beautiful claims. The claims have more potential then I thought as a few large gold flakes and a lot of black sand was found in only 25 minutes. I did leave highbanking equipment hidden in the rocks on the claim as no one goes to this secluded location. My next return for more gold I hope will be in April or May of next year.

Two Gold claims were staked and filed

Dredging is still not back but after the July trip to the Sierra/Nevada county area for gold and searching for potential claim locations, two were found on the middle Yuba River. The Lazy Yuba 13 and Lazy Yuba 18. Access to the claims was going to be a problem. After research and exploring on a return trip in August, access to the claims have been found. Two other people are on the claims with me and we have a total of about 60 acres and about 3/4 of a mile on the river. This September it will be back to the claims or back to Utah or Nevada for rocks.

Summer is coming

After the Pow Wow in January and February went collecting for chrysocolla at a few different locations and times. Also joined Facebook. In March sold rocks at Stoddard wells and collected in the North Cady Mountains. April, sold at the Vista show and went to two turquoise mines in Nevada to collect. This past weekend sold at the SDG&M Society BBQ. Next week I will be off to another turquoise location and hopefully as a side trip to collect some fossils. Plan to be a volunteer for 2 Fridays at the SPMA gold prospecting booth in June and for sure in July it will be another gold trip to Sierra and Nevada counties for gold. Now if only dredging would come back.

Time to go rock hounding again, and I will be going next week.

You would think it is spring here in Alpine today. Off to Quartzsite tomorrow to sell in space 204 again from 01/21/15-01/25/15 and then off to collect rocks in the AZ wilderness. Join us for some rock hounding if you are in the area. Will not be checking my e-mail as I like to call it another vacation. Towards the end of December 2014 went to Quartzsite and then collected rocks east of Q. Woke up on the 31st with about an inch on snow on my tent. That was not cold as the cold was 2 days earlier, like 24 degrees. I do it because it is fun and in the out doors. Planning some other trips to collect rocks so if you want to be on my list, please send me an e-mail at or the one on this site If you have some places you want to go, then lets go. I love to get out and smell the dirt.
see ya

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