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I did what I said I was going to do.

In March went to Maricopa County AZ and found Seam fluorite and chrysocolla. Lead a trip to the Carmelita tourmaline mine and also worked my pegmatite claims a few times with others. Went back to the Cady mountains and found some great new material and some sweet green and purple fluorite. I did make it to Burro Creek and was invited for quarts scepters on that same trip in the Bradshaw mountains of AZ. Spent some time a few weeks ago in Utah for Picasso marble and was also told about some Septarian Nodule locations yet that was a bust and no Septarian Nodules were found. When 3 of us went back to the Henry mountains for coprolite that turned out to be a great collection location and I do plan on going back again. The next trip  will be to my gold claims with set dates for this month and July. I got gold fever. see ya down the road.

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