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Andeite Slab unusual

Andeite Slab unusual From New Mexico Weighs about 8.4 Oz and measures about 4 .5" x 3.50" x .281" or 7.16 MM. Not found world wide so looks rare?  Photographed wet and slab is at an angle to stop some glare so slab in pictures look smaller. Richard: I have the full story on that green/black rock Bill Langham was one of the 3 who founded the 'Rockmania" rock club in Lordsburg,.. he and his son were the ones who brought back a piece of the rock, and decided to send a piece of it to the Smithsonian museum for analysis. they determined that it was serpentine, magnetite, and hematite of which they had never seen that combination before... so they contacted Bill, and said they needed to assign a name to it.. Bill used his son's name... Andy..... and now you know the rest of the story.  C

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